Do I need to have a boater’s license?

A boater’s license is not required for unmotorized water equipment but, it is a wonderful course that teaches all the important aspects of water-way safety and right of ways.

Is there a security deposit?

We do require a refundable security deposit of $250 at the time of the rental. We will take your credit card information before the rental and, you will receive it back when the equipment is returned.

How do I reserve a rental?

You can reserve a rental through our website, email
info@seymoursurfshop.com or by phone at 705-313-3257.

Can you deliver?

We do offer delivery. We offer delivery to pick-up points throughout Trent Hills, ON and surrounding but, please specify whether you request custom delivery address, pick-up point location from our list or if you would prefer local delivery. Standard/Min. Rate is $15.00, you will receive an email after this confirming your location and, a delivery invoice.

When should I arrive for my rental?

As of right now we are offering pick-ups for weekday rentals, to be picked up the night before. For example, if you rent a piece of equipment for Monday-Thursday, you can pick up your rental the night before from the hours of 5pm-7pm, you will be required to return the equipment the next day by 5pm 24 hours. For weekend pickups, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. They can be picked up from 8am to 10am and, returned by that evening by 5pm. We are a small business and, still work full-time jobs so, we do have to work around those schedules for the weekdays. Sometimes we can make exceptions though, always inquire!

What is the cancellation policy?

We require a minimum 48-hour notice for cancellations. We can provide a credit that is valid for up to one year or, re-schedule your booking for a later date. If ample notice is given, we can provide a refund of 70% of the order. If your order is reserved online, we are unable to provide a refund and, can only reschedule.

Do I need to book in advance?

We encourage you to book 4-5 days in advance as we have a limited inventory, and all equipment is usually in demand! We are in the heart of cottage country and, we cannot guarantee we will have what you are looking for BUT, always inquire by phone or email or check our website and Instagram for last minute openings!

What are your office hours?

We are available to chat by email from 9-5 daily.

What time can I pick up my rental?

If we are delivering to you, we deliver on weekdays (Monday – Friday) in the evenings from approximately 5:30pm to 8pm) and, for weekends (Saturday & Sunday), we deliver in the mornings from approximately 8:30am-10am). If you require a special time, please make note on your rental and, always put the correct time slot in the online form.

Are the rentals 24 hours?

Weekday (Monday – Thursdays) are technically 24-hour rentals. We offer delivery or pick-up for the night before your rental from 5-7pm and then, we require you to return the following day or evening by 5pm.

What time does the rental day end?

All rentals are required to be returned by 5pm, if you request a later drop off time please let us know!

What is included in rentals?

All rentals we include lifejackets, paddles, and safety kit.

What happens if it rains?

Unfortunately we cannot control the weather so, if it happens to rain on the day you scheduled your rental it is up to you if you still want to go out on the water. We cannot issue any refunds due to the weather, but we can reschedule the rental for a later date.

Can we rent one item and have multiple people use it?

For us to account for each person and equipment that they are using, for liability purposes we cannot allow customers to switch boats during the rental period or have another person use the equipment. Always inquire about adding on a piece of equipment if someone changed their mind last minute!

What happens if I tip my boat?

We have a $50-$100 rescue fee if you require assistance from our staff to bring your boat back to shore. If anything is lost in the river or lake due to the tipping of your boat, we can search but we are not liable if it cannot be found.